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To: Steve Preminger, Chair at Santa Clara County Democratic Party (SCCDP)

Cc: Democratic National Committee Chairperson, Howard Dean
Congressman Mike Honda, 15th Congressional District, California
Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, 16th Congressional District, California

Dear Mr. Preminger,

The San Jose Voters For Democracy (SJVFD) strongly request that you and the other officers of the SCCDP Central Committee withdraw the publication of the so-called “Anti-Recall Resolution” submitted by Clark Williams at the January 10th, 2008 meeting of the SCCDP Central Committee for the following reasons:

The SCCDP will divide the Democratic Party at the State and Central levels in relation to a local, but significant, issue that your organization has neither taken the time to understand thoroughly, nor bothered to investigate the root cause, controversy over the naming of a business district.

Division will take place at various levels within the Democratic Party since opinions will vary when the whole issue has been carefully examined in detail.

The Democratic Party will definitely lose an important pivotal, strong voting block, the majority of the Vietnamese-American community throughout the United States.

The SJVFD has called for the most democratic way of dealing with an elected official who no longer receives the trust or confidence of the Vietnamese-American community in San Jose. The recall of an elected official need not be based on malfeasance.

The call for a vote of no confidence in Councilmember Nguyen is certainly not based on a difference of opinions on a single issue, but is instead due to the consistent lack of transparency with which Councilmember Nguyen has handled this whole issue, as well as many other issues in the past which are of interest to the Vietnamese-American community.

Councilmember Nguyen has visibly demonstrated dereliction of the public trust in not acting upon the majority voice in the same community that promoted her to elected public office.

It is ironic that the very cause for the call for a vote of no confidence in Councilmember Nguyen is largely due to the undemocratic act committed by her and the San Jose City Council; yet the Democratic Party has now come out to oppose a democratic process to deal with an elected official who no longer receives the confidence of her constituents.

Release of this so-called “Anti-Recall” resolution only hurts and divides the Democratic Party which needs to strengthen and unite to face the upcoming challenge of the Presidential Election in November 2008. Therefore, we strongly believe that the SCCDP Central Committee must act quickly to retract this unnecessary resolution before unpredictable consequences are felt from the public and from the members of the Democratic Party throughout the United States.


Barry Hung Do
Member, Executive Board
San Jose Voters for Democracy

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