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Please join us in asking the District Attorney to conduct a full investigation into the fraudulent nature of the petition which includes a list of 92 business owners, submitted by Mr. Henry Le on March 4, with the intent of transgressively influencing the council's decision.
Please print this letter out and send by mail to the office of the Santa Clara County District Attorney.

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The Honorable Dolores Carr, District Attorney
Santa Clara County
70 West Hedding St.
San Jose CA 95110

Attn: Dolores Carr

Subject: Request for A Criminal Investigation

Dear Ms Carr:

On March 4th, 2008, the San Jose City Council convened an open public forum meeting to consider a proposal on the name of “Little Saigon” for a one mile section of Story Road between Highway 101 and Senter Road.

There were two motions regarding the issue. One motion was raised by Councilmember Kansen Chu, who proposed that the area be named Little Saigon to fulfill the wish of many thousands of Vietnamese American residents. During the meeting, a petition signed by 4000 Vietnamese American residents was submitted to support the name “Little Saigon,” and 400 took the podium to voice their overwhelming support of the name “Little Saigon.” Outside City Hall, over a thousand more Little Saigon supporters wanted to take the podium to voice their support of the name “Little Saigon”. Furthermore, many surveys and polls, including an official survey done by the San Jose Redevelopment Agency, clearly indicated “Little Saigon” as the most favored name.

Another motion submitted by Councilmember Sam Liccardo proposed that a name shall be chosen by certain business owners who operate businesses in this area. Councilmember Liccardo’s proposal was based on a petition signed by 92 businesses owners, submitted by a local businessman named Mr. Henry Le, a co-founder of the Lee’s Sandwiches stores. Based on these 92 business owners’ signatures, the council passed the resolution submitted by Councilmember Sam Liccardo, ignoring the motion submitted by Councilmember Chu.

In previous meetings, the City Council, with a majority of six or more members plus the mayor, has persistently rejected the Little Saigon name whenever it has been proposed. The City Council has continually changed its tactics to that end, including the use of undemocratic measures to suppress the opinion of the majority. This time, the City Council denied the Little Saigon name, by designating “identified stakeholders” in the area to propose a name, at the request of Mr. Henry Le, with the full support of Councilmember Sam Liccardo.

As soon as this petition with 92 signatures was made public, 35 of the 92 business owners quickly came forward to sign a letter stating that they did not sign this petition or any petition with this purported purpose, or believed their signatures were forged. This fraudulent act, or at least blatant misrepresentation, was committed by Mr. Henry Le with the intent of influencing the Council’s decision.

Without a doubt, a serious criminal offense has been committed by Mr. Henry Le.

As a law-abiding citizen, I am requesting that the Office of the District Attorney look into the matter by making a full investigation, and to prosecute anyone who is responsible for this violation to the full extent of the law. We are living in a nation based on the rule of law. We need to hold accountable those who think they are above the law. Where there is no justice, there will not be peace.

Thank you,

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