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San Jose November 26, 2007

To: City of San Jose, City Council
Mayor Chuck Reed, Vice Mayor Dave Cortese-District 8
Council members:
Pete Constant-District 1 Pierluigi Oliverio-District 6
Forrest Williams-District 2 Madison Nguyen-District 7
Sam Liccardo-District 3 Judy Chirco-District 9
Kansen Chu-District 4 Nancy Pyle-District 10
Nora Campos-District 5

Cc: Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Office of Santa Clara County Supervisor Pete McHugh
Office of City of Milpitas-Mayor Jose Esteves
Office of City of Sunnyvale, Mayor Otto Lee
U.S. and Viet Media

Dear Mayor Reed and Council members,

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 was the historical day for both the Vietnamese-American community in San Jose and the City Council of second largest Viet émigrés city in the world. The voters and media had witnessed the most undemocratic act ever performed by the majority of San Jose Council members.

Naming a business district that concentrates a large Vietnamese-American retail businesses should be a simple and clear-cut decision by City Council if Councilwoman Madison Nguyen who represents this district just follow the majority of people choices for the name Little Saigon. However, this simple legislative act had turned into a political storm drawing attention from Viet communities throughout the United States. The unfair and undemocratic decision by City Council had outraged the Vietnamese-American community in San Jose and turned the Viet communities in California united more than ever to take necessary steps to act in response from an inconsiderate and arrogant decision of the majority Council members including Mayor Chuck Reed.

The Viet community in San Jose has also recognized and appreciated three (3) Council members, Pete Constant, Kansen Chu and Pierlugi Oliverio who voted with their conscious and put themselves in the heart and mind of their Vietnamese-American constituents. In addition, Santa County Supervisor Pete McHugh, Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen and Vice Mayor of City of Garden Grove Andy Quach who addressed to City Council and stayed with Little Saigon supporters till midnight. They are the true elected representatives by the people and for the people.

Councilwoman Nguyen misled Councilmembers and media about the divided Viet community, her decision based on the list of “15 organizations” that turned out to be fiftenn (15) individuals, six (6) had withdrawn their names before the hearing. The Viet communities and media cannot comprehend why Councilwoman Nguyen and her supporting council members had to be so allergic to the popular and well recognized name Little Saigon? Why the Mayor, Vice Mayor and six other council members had to put their political career on the line just to avoid the name Little Saigon? The people voice are clearly demonstrated by the survey from the City Redevelopment Agency, media such as newspaper San Jose Mercury News (90% over 5%), public meeting held by the City and community.

Rumors spread in the community that there may be a political and/or business “deal/ lobby” behind the City Hall that alluringly influenced the undemocratic decision of naming this business district. Graduated with a political science degree, I understand that the compromise and political lobby/deal are for the good of people will, not for the personal agenda, ego and/or vengeance.

The outrage of Vietnamese-American community in Northern California over this undemocratic decision is building stronger day by day. The Viet community would denounce any Viet associations and/or individuals that support the “two faces” elected officials who acted against the people will, insulted the humble request of Vietnamese-American community, betrayed bluntly the democracy and justice which the United States has valued over 200 hundred year .

If this business district and/or City Council members received any political and economical repercussion because of this ill-advised decision, then you know that the people have spoken and acted.

Best regards,

Barry Hung Do
Current Staff Budget Analyst for U.S. Department of Defense's major defense company.
Former Auditor of U.S. Department of Defense.
Former President of Vietnamese-American Community in Northern California.

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