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Aug. 15-2007 Madison Nguyen’s Closing Remark at San Jose RDA Meeting (at Tully Library Community Room) Madison said: “When we proposed a business district here in the city of San Jose, we have a process that we go through: The people who do business on Story Road right now, the merchants, the people who live within 1000 feet of this area will have the biggest input with regards to what the name will be.
Now even if all of you, let’s say 100 per cent of you including myself like the name Little Saigon, but since we don’t live there, we live about three or four miles down, our input will not make that much of a difference.
I wanna be very frank with you so you do not get surprised on how the process gonna work or what the turn out gonna be like.”

Feb. 11-2008 at the City Hall Conference, when being asked “why before you only said the voice of the people within 1000 feet of Story Road would be most important, but now you try to get the whole city involve in this issue of district 7?” Madison replies: “I never said that. I never said anything like that.”

Oct. 11-2008 Finally, Little Saigon Banners fly over San Jose, District 7

Aug. 29-2008 Submitting a Recall Petition to SJ CM Madsion Nguyen
July 15-2008 Inauguration Ceremony of the SF Little Saigon

July 23-2008 San Jose Banner Battle. Frustration at City Director's Hearing
2007-2008 Proposed "Little Saigon" banner design by SJVFD

Apr. 7- 2008 "Free Tibet" giant banners on Golden Gate Bridge, SF

Mar. 29-2008 Human Rights Torch Relay in San Jose
Mar. 25-2008 "Little Saigon" Community Id Signage approved

Mar. 19-2008 Rules and Open Government Committee Meeting
Feb. & Mar. 2008 Miscellaneous Video - Ly Tong's Hunger Strike
CBS5 Mar. 13-2008 San Jose Deal ends 'Saigon' Dispute, Hunger Strike
Mar. 13-2008 Press Conference - Recognition of "Little Saigon"
abc7-KGO Mar. 13-2008 Victory for Little Saigon Supporters

Mar. 13-2008 Ly Tong ends Hunger Strike - "Little Saigon" prevails

Mar. 12-2008 Cm. Pete Constant & Sam Liccardo stopped by Ly Tong's HS

Mar. 12-2008 Testimonies on Rules and Open Government Committee

Mar. 11-2008 Day 26 of Ly Tong's Hunger Strike - "Black Tuesday" Protest
Mar. 8-2008 Candlelight Vigil in support of Ly Tong's Hunger Strike

Mar. 4 & 5-2008 SJ Council shoots down “Little Saigon” again -8 hrs video
Mar. 7-2008 Press Conference. Danh sách giả mạo chống LS

Mar. 6-2008 Day 21 of Freedom Fighter Ly Tong's Hunger Strike
Mar. 4-2008 A large crowd of “Little Saigon” Supporters overflowed
Mar. 5-2008 Day 20 of Freedom Fighter Ly Tong's Hunger Strike

Mar. 2-2008 The Peaceful Rally for Democracy at San Jose City Hall
Feb. 26-2008 "Black Tuesday" & Day 12 of Ly Tong's Hunger Strike

Feb. 2008 Songs about VietnameseAmericans' Injustice in San Jose

Feb. 25-2008 Pete McHugh stopped by to support Ly Tong

Feb. 22-2008 Responses to Chuck Reed, Madison Nguyen's memorandom

Feb. 22-2008 Dave Cortese, SJ Vice Mayor paid a visit to Ly Tong
Feb. 21-2008 Day (Night) 7 of Ly Tong's Hunger Strike

Feb. 20-2008 Cm. Otto Lee, Kansen Chu support Ly Tong's

Feb. 19-2008 San Jose City Hall Protest - "Black Tuesday" (Nov. 20-2007)

Feb. 18-2008 A Violinist performed at Ly Tong's Hunger Strike
Feb. 17-2008 Interviewed with Do Hung (SJVFD) & Ly Tong

Los Angeles City Attorney's Office Brown Act - Educational Video
Channel 4 - Feb. 16-2008 Vietnamese Activist goes on Hunger Strike for LS

Feb. 15-2008 Sing-Along in Support Ly Tong's Hunger Strike for LS

abc7news.com Feb. 13-2008 New Twist in "Little Saigon" Debate
Feb. 15-2008 Freedom Fighter Ly Tong's Hunger Strike for Little Saigon

Aug. 15-2007 Madison Nguyen's Closing Remark at SJ RDA Meeting
Feb. 10-2008 TẾT Parade 2008 Little Saigon Supporters in Full Force

VTV - Feb. 6-2008 Brown Act Violations and SJ City Councilmembers

Feb. 6-2008 SJ Mayor, Councilwoman won't attend TET Parade 2008

29 TẾT - Feb. 5-2008 San Jose City Hall Protest - "Black Tuesday"

American TV Stations reported the Fighting for Little Saigon in San Jose
Jan. 15-2008 "Sunshine Policy" of Mayor Chuck Reed"- "Black Tuesday"
Nov. 28-2007 Congressw. Zoe Lofgren being asked Naming Controversies
Dec. 16-2007 Rejected Madison Nguyen at Public Events

Jan. 29-2008 San Jose City Hall Protest - "Black Tuesday" (Nov. 20-2007)

Jan. 1-2008 San Jose City Hall Protest - "Black Tuesday" (Nov. 20-2007)
Dec. 25-2007 San Jose City Hall Protest - "Black Tuesday" (Nov. 20-2007)
Dec. 11-2007 San Jose City Hall Protest - "Black Tuesday" (Nov. 20-2007)
Dec. 4-2007 San Jose City Hall Protest - "Black Tuesday" (Nov. 20-2007)
Nov. 21-2007 CM Madison Nguyen insulting VietAmericans on VTV
Dec. 1-2007 SBTN interviewed President of VACNORCAL
Dec. 1-2007 SBTN interviewed Committee for Little Saigon in SJ
Dec. 9-2007 Community Meeting at Unified Community Center
Oct. 10-2007 SJ Redevelopment Agency meeting with Community
Sept. 23-2007 Community Meeting organized by CLS
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